-SPOILER WARNING- We’re playing multiplayer which contains spoilers for the single player campaign. Please don’t watch if you don’t want to experience any story spoilers!

Access…Assemble! (Had to happen). Join Rosie, Rob, Nath and Dave as they…team up in as The Avengers! It’s a MCU dream come true. Which superhero will be your main?

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We use AverMedia’s live Gamer Pro for PS4 capture and streaming.

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  1. The beta revealed some issues keeping me from wanting the game as is. It's still fun to Hulk smash for a bit, so perhaps if I find it for a bargain. As far as the heroes go, I found Iron Man cumbersome to control, perhaps it's just my style.

  2. I will NEVER get into live service games. Why didn't they use the Miss Marvel that people actually like. Ooh a stretchy person that's never been done. So lame. $70 for the game and that's not all you half to pay a for a outfit are you [email protected]*#! kidding me

  3. Absolute gem of a stream. Caught myself laughing and smiling throughout.
    The game play was fine, but this stream was more about the banter between the access members. Gud times!


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